It has been said that behind every great report or dashboard, 90+ percent of the effort in developing was spent getting and modelling the data.  A great data model and architecture is the foundation of all data analytics.  So how does one go about building a strong data model? 

Learn how to enhance your data analysis strategy

Most leading data analytics solutions have some data extraction, wrangling, and modelling capability.  Also, some ERP solutions have modern databases and capabilities that allow you to keep the data in the ERP, without transferring it to another solution.  But many organizations, particularly larger organizations will need to also consider more robust solutions to manage large data sets coming from many different sources. This may include Enterprise Data Warehouses, data marts, data lakes and time series historians.

Toward Zero can help you to make sense of your data management needs through:

  • Solution and Implementation Strategy & Selection
  • KPI and Data Needs analysis
  • Design and architecture
  • Implementation strategy and execution
  • Road maps

What data reporting options are there?