OEE Reporting Tool

Pre-Programmed & Ready to Use

Do any of these questions sound familiar? 

  • Why are the overtime costs so high?
  • That job doesn't have enough margin in it.
  • Why do some machines out produce others?

You aren't alone... machine shops all over the country are wrestling with these same questions, and turning to Toward Zero for the answers.

Work Cell MaxTM is a ready to use appliance that wires to your machine tools to measure productivity so that everyone in your organization has the information they need to improve efficiency and reduce costs.  Operators will know exactly how much spindle time they are achieving for each machine tool in their work cell, and so will the rest of the company.

Once you've collected productivity data , you'll also have the information you need to justify capital improvements such as automatic pallet changers, automatic rod feeders, robotics, gantry systems, etc.  Toward Zero can help you calculate exactly what your return will be for each machine tool before you spend any money.

  • What kind of data is available on the Work Cell MaxTM? 


The screens are designed by machine tool experts for machine tool operators.  The goal is to minimize time required by the operator and maximize the information provided to them.  Our customers use this information to make their great operators even better!



  • How can management see the information?

Work Cell MaxTM is designed to store and forward data from each work cell to a server in your shop or a cloud based reporting system.  In either case, reports are available over the web for others in your organization to use.  Work Cell MaxTM supports all the major OEE software providers such as GE, Invensys Wonderware, Rockwell, and others.

  • How much does Work Cell MaxTM cost?

That's the best part!  The appliance is pre-programmed and ready to use at $5,495.00.  All you have to do is mount it in a work cell and wire it to your machine tools.

Cloud based OEE reporting systems can be added for a low monthly fee based on the number of machine tools you are monitoring.  Prices vary by software vendor license models.

For more information please contact us at Info@TowardZero.com or call 877.272.4501

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