What does Toward Zero do?

We get asked this question all the time. Our answer is simple: We help companies move toward zero waste.

How we help companies is where things get exciting.

We focus on what will have the greatest impact to our clients

We’ve seen companies purchase state of the art technology and not receive the benefits because it was designed and implemented incorrectly. Our technology experts will make sure this won’t happen to you.

We’ve seen companies spend money to automate processes that are inefficient, instead of correcting the processes first. Our process experts will help you design and optimize the process before you automate it.

We’ve seen companies fail during projects because the company culture wasn’t ready. Our change management experts will help you align the different groups and organize them toward a common goal to ensure your project success.

Toward Zero isn’t just an integrator or a consultant. We’re both. We possess the technology and process depth of a world-class integrator and the business acumen of a world-class consultant. We use our unique combination of skills and expertise to help our customers reduce manufacturing waste in all its many forms.

How will Toward Zero help you?


Don Rahrig and Aaron Muhl
Toward Zero co-founders

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Learn how Toward Zero helped Del Monte Foods increase EBITDA and reduce waste